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Latest News : 100% pass rate at Associated Board Graded Exams.

      The Band has a thriving learners' Group under the direction of Mrs. Helen Palmer. Practice takes place on Mondays, 5.30 - 6.30, during term time in Amesbury Scouts' Hut, situated behind Amesbury's St Mary's & St Mellor's Church. Instruments and tuition are provided free to all members of the Learners' Band who pay a small annual fee of £5.00.

       The instruments used are the main brass band range; cornet/trumpet, flugal horn, tenor horn, baritone, trombone plus a little percussion and wind instrumentsif required. Helen has many years of teaching experience, especially in music and has novel ways of comparing the shapes of written music to everyday things, which helps to dispel the mystique of it all.

         Learners all work from the “Tune-a-Day” tuition book for wind instruments (new edition). This includes a CD providing accompaniment for all the tunes in the book which is very useful for home practice. Most of the learners' group is aged between 8 and 15 years, with some younger members, and quite a few adults. Members of the main band give individual tuition and help to boost the ensemble.

        Three of the older youngsters now sit in the band regularly, the idea is that more will do so as time goes on. There is much enthusiasm amongst the entire group, including Mrs Palmer herself who is energetic in getting everyone to read the music accurately and well,l and continually asks questions about written music, key signatures, various scales, marks of expression etc. Several have done well in the Associated Board graded exams.

       Recently the Learners' Band played at the Mayor of Salisbury's reception for German Students in Salisbury's ancient Guildhall to the great appreciation of all who attended.

More details can be provided by Helen Palmer

Telephone: 01722 782687
Email: h.palmer@libero.it

High quality music tuition is available in Wiltshire schools, provided by Luke Pickett, a qualified and experienced teacher and musician, also, one of our trombone players and deputy conductor.